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Hours and appointments

Drs. Goldwasser and Veritas generally see patient by appointment, as follows:

Mondays 10am-5pm

Tuesdays 9am -2pm

Wednesdays 9-2

Thursdays 9am -5pm

Every other week Fridays 9am-2pm


Please bring your insurance card, picture identification, list of medical problems, medication names, and allergies, pharmacy information, primary physician contact information, relevant lab work if applicable, signed proof of your health care proxy if applicable, and a payment method (cash, check, or credit card) with you to every appointment.  


When you arrive for your first visit at our office, we will take a photo of you to comply to prevent insurance fraud/identity theft.  All appointments will be confirmed by phone, text, and/or email, a few days beforehand.  There will be a surcharge of $50 for a missed appointment unless 24-hours notice is given.  You should eat, drink, and take your medications normally before your visit, unless you have been advised otherwise, even if you are having a procedure done.  Please use the bathroom (down the hall from our office) before you are called into an exam room, if necessary.

Messages During Regular Business Hours


Communication After Hours

During regular business hours (M and Th 9-5, T and F 9-2), an on-site receptionist will answer phone calls placed to 914-422-3376 and take messages for the doctor.  Messages, unless urgent, are generally returned in the evening.  If you have an urgent message, or feel you must be seen same day, please communicate this to the receptionist. Please provide all your phone numbers and your email address, and let us know if we may text you.  

After hours, please call 914-768-4474 and follow the instructions for urgent messages if necessary.  Text and email should not be used for urgent communication.  For non-urgent, non-private messages, you may text us at 914-768-4474 or you may email us either through the portal (preferred—please call or text to initiate activation of your email portal) or at

The doctor will respond to urgent messages as soon as she is able.  If you have not received a return call within 3 hours, please call again.  No technology is foolproof.  If you have difficulty reaching us with an urgent problem, please seek urgent care either at an emergency room, at an urgent care center, or at your primary care physician's office.


When the doctors are out of the Office

If the doctors are out of reach for a period of time, a covering dermatologist will be designated for urgent care.  His/her contact information will be available if you call us at the office.  Alternatively, you may also contact your primary care physician for advice, or visit an urgent care center.  Our office is generally closed on bank and national holidays and on some religious holidays.


We will gladly refill your prescription (electronically) if it is appropriate and if you are up to date with your appointments.  Please allow at least two business days for turnaround.  Prior authorization requirements sometimes apply, which can prolong the turnaround to one week.  You may have refills on topical prescriptions.  Your pharmacy will honor your request for a refill if it is within one year of the date of the original prescription and if you have not exhausted your refills.  Please call your pharmacist before requesting a new prescription from us.  S/he can send us a fax with all the relevant information to expedite the process.  If you do need to contact us for a refill, you will need to supply us with the name of the medication, the strength, the vehicle (e.g. cream, ointment, shampoo, etc.), the place(s) you are using it, your current medications, your current allergies, and your pharmacy address.  Please advise us if you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant.  Please advise us if you’d like your pharmacy to deliver.


If your prescription is too costly, please have the pharmacist contact us for an alternative.  You may need to ask your insurance company to supply you with a list of alternatives.  You may be able to lower your costs by checking, or  Many chain pharmacies offer discounts—to access those, you must inquire about discounts and coupons when you fill your prescription.

Medication/Refill Requests

Messages During Regular Business Hours
Communication After Hours
When Dr. Goldwasser is Out
Medication/Refill Requests
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