Telemedicine Services through Spruce Health or through ModMed patient portal:


Dr. Goldwasser offers teledermatology services, when possible, to patients in New York State. You may call or text her about this at 914-768-4474.  


Dr. Goldwasser retains the right to refuse care to anyone who is not her established patient. An established patient is defined as one who HAS received professional services from Dr. Goldwasser within the past three years.


To initiate a non-urgent, secure virtual visit from within NYS, click on one of these links:

Video tutorial for Modernizing Medicine pocketpatient app through an iphone:

Video tutorial for Modernizing Medicine pocketpatient app through an android phone:

Video tutorial for Modernizing Medicine patient portal (email):

To communicate through the Spruce Health app:


These visits require you to communicate, and possibly to transmit photo(s) and/or video(s), via phone, text, video conference, and/or email. Be sure to identify yourself by name and date of birth when you send a message.  Payment by credit card will be requested at the time of service (except for QMB patients), to be collected either online, or by phone. 


Email and text messages are not private/HIPAA-compliant unless you download the secure Spruce Health app, download the Modernizing Medicine pocketpatient app, or email us through the Modernizing Medicine patient email portal.

Not all problems can be diagnosed and/or treated through a virtual visit, but this feature can prove useful for isolated problems, such as rashes, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, hair issues, nail issues, or isolated skin lesions/growths.  It is especially helpful for home-bound persons, for distant patients, or for busy people with little time to come to the office.This service is not appropriate for full body skin cancer screening.


Medicare coverage for telemedicine services has expanded during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Public Health Emergency, beginning 3/6/20. Many private insurers cover these services too.


Please allow 2 business days for a response to text and email messages.  Established patients should CALL 914-768-4474 for urgent problems. 


If you are not an established patient and you have an urgent problem, please seek urgent care elsewhere, either at the office of your physician, at an urgent care center, or at an emergency room. During the Coronavirus public health emergency, it is advisable to call before you visit your healthcare provider for a non-emergent problem.

The non-refundable fee for telemedicine services for new or established NON-Medicare/NON-Medicaid patients, typically ranges from $90-250, depending on the level of complexity and the time involved.

Fees for established Medicare and Medicaid patients are lower, in accordance with applicable limits, ranging from $61 to $214.


This service is available at Dr. Goldwasser's discretion to new Medicare patients in NYS during the Public Health Emergency, which began 3/6/20.  Please contact us for details.

Dr. Goldwasser is not accepting new Medicaid patients.